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Resolutions, LLC is a leading provider of mediation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services for complex, legally intensive disputes. Founded in 1997 by ADR pioneer and renowned mediator Professor Eric D. Green and his partner, mediator and attorney Carmin C. Reiss, Resolutions, LLC has helped to resolve thousands of difficult contract, construction, environmental, securities, anti-trust, intellectual property, international, employment, mass-tort, class-action and other cases requiring a high level of legal, dispute resolution, and interpersonal expertise.

Resolutions, LLC specializes in mediating high-stakes, high-profile, multi-party cases where the services of an experienced, capable, and creative neutral are essential to effective management and resolution of the dispute. Generally engaged privately by all the parties in the dispute resolution process, Resolutions, LLC is also often appointed by the court or selected by state and federal governmental agencies. Resolutions, LLC also mediates and arbitrates moderate-sized disputes presenting typical dispute resolution. problems and provides ADR training and consulting services to corporations, law firms, government, professional organizations, and institutions of all kinds.

Resolutions, LLC's principals have over 25 years experience in providing high quality, innovative ADR services. Eric Green and Carmin Reiss were both Senior Mediators with JAMS/ EnDispute, a firm Professor Green co-founded in 1981 and directed as Chief Mediator, before establishing Resolutions, LLC to focus their expertise on the special problems of tailoring, administering, and conducting dispute resolution processes in the most challenging kinds of disputes. Mr. Green, a Professor of Law at Boston University for over 25 years until 2008, and Ms. Reiss, are also leaders in the research and development of new ADR technologies and scholarship, having authored many books, chapters, and articles on the subject.

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September 2, 2014

On August 20, 2014, Professor Green was named as the independent Monitor of the Consumer Relief portion of the Settlement Agreement between the United States Department of Justice, six states and Bank of America, resolving, among other issues, claims related to the Bank’s practices concerning residential mortgage-backed securities.  Bank of America is obligated under the Settlement Agreement to provide $7 billion in Consumer Relief over the next four years.  Professor Green was also appointed to allocate approximately $490 million in tax relief payments to be provided by the Bank to affected consumers if Congress does not extend the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007.  More information about the Settlement Agreement may be found at or

As the Monitor, Professor Green does not have the authority to intervene in individual cases. Consumers interested in this Settlement Agreement should not contact Professor Green directly, but should contact the Bank of America hotline toll-free at 877-488-7814.

Additional information about Professor Green’s role and activities as Monitor may be found at